Terms and conditions of use

1.- Client registration, password, VELCOM client and client data

You do not need to register to buy on our site. However, it is convenient in case you want to speed up the process of subsequent purchases.

The registration of the client and purchase in www.velcom.cl implies that there is knowledge of acceptance of the terms and conditions of use and commercial.

The administration of the secret key is the absolute responsibility of each client. Its delivery or use by third parties will not imply any responsibility of VELCOM SPA. In the event of loss, theft, robbery, misuse of the password or any other eventuality of this nature, the client will have the obligation to change it immediately at "https://www.velcom.cl/es/inálisis-sesion?back= my-account ". In case of not having access to the registered email, the owner of the registry must be contacted by telephone.

Veracity and updating of the information. The data provided by the client at the time of registration will be considered reliable and it will be the client's responsibility to keep them updated. That is, VELCOM SPA is released from any responsibility derived from outdated or false data. These will be treated confidentially and will be used exclusively to process the purchase and dispatch.

2.- Purchase policies

VELCOM SPA offers the possibility of purchasing online for which you must select the product or products you want to buy and add them to the shopping cart and follow the instructions. The purchase can be made as a registered customer or as a guest.

VELCOM SPA PC Factory offers the possibility of purchasing by phone by calling +56 44 303 4048. For these purposes, the Rut and other customer data will be requested, the existence of stock will be checked and the customer will be asked if they need a quote.

The purchase will be understood as completed only upon payment.

In purchases made by legal persons, the presentation of the nominative Electronic Rut card (E-Rut) or display of the QR code will be required, both in digital version and also of their identity card, which must be the same indicated in the E- Ruth.

Purchases are subject to the availability of published stock for each product in each store. The stock must be revalidated at the time of processing the purchase and eventually the purchase may be canceled or delayed if there is no stock. All this is done in consultation with the client.

 Consent and Validation of the Purchase. In its stores and website, VELCOM SPA offers goods and services, which may be contracted in person, electronically or by telephone, as appropriate. Any acceptance of the offer will be subject to the validation that VELCOM SPA will carry out. This validation will be carried out at the VELCOM SPA offices and, if necessary, through a telephone communication with the client or through the means that PC Factory may have in the future. Consequently, such validation is a requirement for the formation of the consent of any Purchase.

The validation of the purchase will include a review of the following elements:

(a) Availability of funds in the current account ofVELCOM SPA and / or validation by the corresponding entity depending on the means of payment used by the client.

(b) Verification of personal data supplied by the client to PC Factory.

In the case of online sales, the validation will be informed to the customer through the respective ticket or invoice which will be sent to the email address that the customer has registered, or by any means of communication that guarantees due and timely knowledge of the customer. , which will be indicated previously.

As a protection measure for the security of transactions, VELCOM SPA may cancel the purchase in the following cases: (i) when as a result of the validation process it turns out that one or more of the data provided by the client is erroneous, incomplete or they do not match the records previously reported by the client; (ii) when the customer could not be contacted within 72 hours after the purchase. Transactions carried out are subject to additional validation by a third party that could add up to 48 business hours to the usual validation process.


3.1 - Internet or telephone purchases. Supports the following means of payment:

(a) Cash: With coins and / or bills; with electronic transfer or bank deposit in the current accounts of VELCOM SPA In the case of electronic transfer or bank deposit, the delivery of the products will be suspended until it is verified that the funds are released in the VELCOM SPA account.

Only this means of payment gives the right to the prices “Effective Price” or “Effective Offer Price”.

(b) Check: Payment by check is understood to have been made once validated by the insurer hired by PC Factory, which will take a maximum period of 48 hours. Within this option there are the following modalities:

(i) Check up to date. It can give rise to a special discount, consult for each product at the time of purchase.

(ii) Three checks without interest. Regarding the Normal Price or Offer Price, as the case may be.

(iii) Four checks without interest. Regarding the Normal Price or Offer Price, as the case may be and only for purchases over $ 100,000. The maximum amount to be sold in 4 checks is $ 1,500,000.- divided into a maximum of 4 checks of the same amount. The first must be a day and the remaining 30, 60, 90 days.


4.1 - Delivery of the products. The forms of delivery of the products will vary depending on the location of the client:

(a) Shopping within Santiago. Products purchased through any of the channels will be made at home, at the address indicated by the customer at the time of purchase. Dispatches will be made from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except holidays as indicated below in letter b) ii).

(b) Addresses located inside and outside the Metropolitan Region: The dispatch will have a cost that will be determined according to the weight and size of the package and will vary according to the commune. The delivery time will be estimated according to what is informed in the purchase document and carried out only on business days, considering Saturday, Sunday and holidays as non-business days.

(c) Limitation of Deliveries. If at the time of delivery, the individualized person is not found to receive the product at the indicated address, PC Factory will make a second delivery attempt, at no additional cost. If the second attempt is unsuccessful, the order will be returned to the store and the customer must remove the product from our premises or pay the shipping cost again.

(d) Means of dispatch. Dispatches will be made by courier of the Client's choice. This can be agreed upon at the time of purchase

(r) Customer review. The customer is responsible for damage caused to the product once it has been delivered. For such purposes, each store has a quality control module in which the customer or his representative can review and withdraw their product according to the requirements and exercise the duty to inform themselves that article 3 letter b) of the Law of the Consumer. In the case of home delivery, at the time of signing the receipt of the product, the client or whoever receives the product must review it and, the receipt in accordance implies that the product was not damaged at that time. VELCOM SPA will not be responsible for damage to products received according to the customer or whoever receives the product at the address indicated at the time of purchase, with or without the customer's authorization. It is the responsibility of each client to ensure the good condition of the products received through this medium.


5.1 - New Products. Every new product has a legal guarantee (the first three months) and, eventually, a manufacturer's warranty and extended as indicated and / or contracted for each product in accordance with the following standards:

(a) Legal Guarantee In accordance with the Consumer Law, every new product has a legal guarantee which is valid for the first three months from receipt of the same and only applies in cases of manufacturing failures or when the product does not comply with the features offered. If this is the case, the customer can go to any PC Factory store and enter the product only for evaluation purposes by the technical service with a Service Order to verify that the fault is manufacturing and does not correspond to another cause. . In the event that the diagnosis determines that the failure of the product is covered by the guarantee, it will operate in the terms contemplated by law.

(b) Manufacturer's warranty Any warranty offered for more than three months is called “manufacturer's” and will only entitle the product to be repaired, unless the respective policy expressly indicates otherwise. That is, if after the first 3 months and until the end of the indicated month, your product has a factory fault, you can request a product repair by going to any of our stores throughout the country or directly to the manufacturer's authorized technical service.

5.2 - Deadlines. The statutory or manufacturer warranty periods are counted from the date of purchase of the product. The foregoing, unless the dispatch is deferred and in that case the term is counted from the receipt of the product.

5.3 - Gastos. Los gastos o costos de despacho en que incurra el cliente para hacer efectiva una garantía será de su propio cargo.

En el caso de garantía legal (3 meses) de un producto comprado vía internet y con despacho a domicilio y efectivamente presente una falla cubierta por la garantía, determinada por el Servicio Técnico autorizado o el Servicio Técnico de VELCOM SPA o el que éste designe, en cuyo caso se cubrirá sólo el costo derivado del traslado del producto dentro del territorio nacional. Cualquier otro gasto o costo en que incurra el cliente para hacer efectiva una garantía será de su propio cargo (daño emergente, lucro cesante, u otros).

5.4 - Producto de Reemplazo. VELCOM SPA no ofrece productos de reemplazo mientras se diagnostica o repara un producto por garantía.

5.5 - Servicio Técnico. Los plazos de diagnóstico y reparación, los repuestos y la mano de obra dependen de los servicios técnicos autorizados de cada fabricante, los que son independientes de VELCOM SPA. La excepción a esta condición son los productos fabricados por VELCOM SPA.


6.1 - Consumer Law. The Consumer Law does not contemplate any obligation to suppliers with respect to granting money refunds or making product changes, except in the case of failures or situations in which the legal guarantee is applicable.

6.2 - Purchases made online or by phone. In accordance with the power conferred by article 3 BIS of the Consumer Law, PC VELCOM does not grant the right of withdrawal or guarantee of satisfaction in any type of purchase, under any circumstances.

6.3 - Product Change Benefit due to change of opinion or purchase regret. To make use of this benefit, the customer must approach any of our stores within 15 calendar days after purchase with the sealed product and present the ticket or invoice, dispatch guide or exchange ticket. And make sure that the products have not been opened, that they retain their original seals, complete original packaging and in excellent condition, are unused, with all their accessories and with the promotional gifts that have been associated with the purchase. If the client chooses to return money, it must be requested only by the owner of the purchase who must present an e-Rut or identity card as the case may be. It does not apply to products that have been opened in the quality control of the store and have been accepted according to the customer. PC Factory reserves the right to verify that these requirements are met.

6.4 - Refunds of money resulting from the benefit of change of opinion or purchase repentance, or those associated with a legal guarantee, will be made within 7 business days from the issuance of the respective credit note. Said return will be via bank transfer according to the data stipulated in the sales document. That is to say, the owner of said document.